Double C's: Black Women & Their Connection To Chanel

“Now here’s a little story I gots to tell, ‘Bout the first rap b***h to rock Chanel” — Lil’ Kim. The famed French house was established by Coco Chanel in 1910 and has since had a very recognizable brand ethos. Karl Lagerfeld became the house’s Creative Director in 1983, helming the brand until his passing. With this year’s Met Gala & exhibition centering on the work of Lagerfeld, we’re sure to see a lot of archival Chanel both on the red carpet and included in the exhibition. The brand has never

7 Asian American performers reflect on representation in Hollywood

Hollywood has a long history of excluding Asian Americans from roles that have depth, nuance, and multidimensionality.

There’s an evident widespread stereotype of Asian Americans in film and TV. Mostly, Asian American men being emasculated, and women being hyper-sexualized. With the rise of actors like Sandra Oh in “Killing Eve” and Steven Yeun in “Minari,” these stereotypical depictions aren’t as widespread as they once were, but we’re still a long way from accurate representation.

5 Southeast Asian Americans on combating their hyper-invisibility and amplifying their voices

#StopAsianHate has swept the internet into more activism.

Asian Americans have been victims of hate crimes against them solely based on their race due to people’s ignorance about COVID-19. This past year has already been a difficult one for Asian-owned businesses, but racism has added to that. Many Asians are rightfully fearful for their lives, as going on social media has turned into constant traumatizing stories of violence towards them.

A brief history of the influence on the Black Panthers fashion and anti-assimilation

Black fashion has been the pinnacle of iconic trends from day one. It’s always been ghetto until proven fashionable and rarely do we see the black creators get the credit they deserved. The black power movement was a moment where the expression of the black individual became embraced. Wearing your hair in its natural afro texture and it defying gravity became the new norm — the shame of blackness had begun to erase.

Backtrack to the African tribes in the 15th century they made hair an important

Black-owned art galleries that you can support

As the world starts to open back up again amidst two pandemics, COVID19 and racism, it’s important to put your money where your mouth is. If you love contemporary art and also want to support black-owned businesses — this is for you. Black art has been an outlet of self-expression as well as a direct reflection of their blackness and their social and political experience throughout the Civil Rights movement all the way to now — the New Civil Rights movement. Supporting black gallerists, artists,